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  • Work out while resting

    Work out while resting

    Marc Werner, Jan Rabeneck |
    Relaxing on the couch and playing video games, or just using the smartphone, is far more enjoyable after a hard working day than doing fitness activities. But there may be a new trend: Exergames, can this help you get rid of motivational problems?
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  • Tint your performance

    Tint your performance

    Fabienne Reher |
    White walls, grey desks, black monitors and dark blue carpets - If that’s the description of your workplace you should prick up your ears - and open your eyes! How about tinting your room and equally “tint” your working performance to reach higher levels?
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  • Brain for breakfast

    Brain for breakfast

    Lisa Marie Kraushaar |
    Glucose is known as a type of sugar which functions for the brain as fuel. You can deliver glucose with a rich breakfast. But how can eating breakfast possibly help us to boost our brain?
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