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  • Language switchers are brain trainers

    Language switchers are brain trainers

    Olga Boer |
    If you can read this while English is not your mother tongue, then you are part of the increasing amount of bilinguals in the world. But did you know that speaking multiple languages can improve your executive functioning skills?
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  • Work out while resting

    Work out while resting

    Marc Werner, Jan Rabeneck |
    Relaxing on the couch and playing video games, or just using the smartphone, is far more enjoyable after a hard working day than doing fitness activities. But there may be a new trend: Exergames, can this help you get rid of motivational problems?
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  • Tint your performance

    Tint your performance

    Fabienne Reher |
    White walls, grey desks, black monitors and dark blue carpets - If that’s the description of your workplace you should prick up your ears - and open your eyes! How about tinting your room and equally “tint” your working performance to reach higher levels?
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