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Tag: Cognitive Control

  • In praise of uncertainty

    In praise of uncertainty

    Research suggests we should embrace uncertainty and seek challenges wherever possible in order to improve mental capabilities and prevent cognitive decline. That does not fit with the zeitgeist: uncertainty makes nervous and anxious. Here's the plan.
  • Food for switching

    Food for switching

    Doing multiple things at the same time is difficult, even if you have a little more time to switch between two tasks - as some conflict arises. We recently discovered that in this case, tyrosine helps you overcome this conflict and switch faster.
  • Khat, a “natural” amphetamine?

    Khat, a “natural” amphetamine?

    Khat consumption has become a worldwide phenomenon broadening from Eastern Africa and the south west of the Arabian Peninsula to ethnic communities in the rest of the world. Why people are using khat? Is it self-medication?
  • Cocaine use enhances distraction

    Cocaine use enhances distraction

    Studies suggest that recreational use of cocaine is associated with significant impairments in the same cognitive control functions affected by chronic use. Are up to 4 grams monthly enough to damage the ability of suppressing irrelevant information?