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  • The Back-Fed Brain

    The Back-Fed Brain

    Francisco Nunez |
    Neurofeedback is a tested science, aiding in the treatment of different neural disorders. However, systems meant for the general public and used outside labs and clinics like the one talked about here often fall below expectations.
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  • Boost your creativity!

    Boost your creativity!

    Fitore Morina |
    Sometimes we must be creative to solve an unusual problem. A promising natural way to enhance creativity may lie in a tyrosine-rich diet, since recent studies suggest that this could account for an increased ability of deep thinking.
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  • Bears and Predictions

    Bears and Predictions

    Roland Clarke |
    William James used a story about a bear to make an important point about emotions. What does this story tell us about the predictive mind?
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  • The Power of Love: Could Love be a Cognitive Enhancer?

    The Power of Love: Could Love be a Cognitive Enhancer?

    Ben Rifkin |
    Common beliefs hold that “Love” hinders cognitive functioning, and those in love may be looked upon as if they have developed some unfortunate brain disease that will impair their performance, and hinder their careers, or lives. But what does science say?
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