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  • Say Namaste to a New and Improved You

    Say Namaste to a New and Improved You

    Mishal Khan | | 0
    Yoga is not just a fad that your health-obsessed neighbor’s been caught up in lately. The ancient practice is quite beneficial, from relieving stress to treating depression. It makes one wonder, why haven't all of us been practicing yoga this whole time?
  • Brain scars

    Brain scars

    Bernet Elzinga, professor Stress-related Psychopathology at Leiden University, studies how trauma effects brain function and behaviour.
  • Don’t go to sleep!

    Don’t go to sleep!

    Claudia Pama | | 0
    Feeling down? Perhaps experiencing some winter blues? Sleep deprivation might be the answer. Neuroscientists at Tufts University have revealed an interesting mechanism behind this puzzling solution, by investigating the role of astrocytes.